23rd International WINE2k Workshop

L/APW+lo calculations with the WIEN2k code
June 3 - 7, 2016
McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada




The 23rd workshop in the history of the WIEN code is a hands-on activity dedicated to teach the use of the WIEN2k Density Functional Theory Package. WIEN2k is one of the most popular electronic structure codes used to perform calculations with the Full Potential LAPW method. The workshop is a unique opportunity to learn the use, power and limitations of the package with the tutoring of the authors and developers of the code. The activities will be aimed at graduate students and researchers from industry and academia. The only pre-requisite is to have a basic knowledge of solid state physics, and chemistry. It is planned as a four-day activity with lectures on the scientific aspects of the method, applications, hands-on activities on selected examples. It is a unique opportunity to receive a head start on a personal project.

The workshop covers three aspects:

  • Introduction to DFT and FLAPW methods
  • Applications using WIEN2k code (and related methods)WIEN2k Logo
  • Lectures on and exercises with WIEN2k
    • Basics
    • Supercells, Defects
    • Microscopy
    • Advanced DFT
  • Poster session
    • You can specify a poster contribution in the Registration form and in addition you should send a camera-ready pdf-file (1 page) to Oleg Rubel at rubelo@mcmaster.ca.