Membership in the Steel Research Centre is available to companies having an interest in the steel industry as producers, suppliers or users. Members pay annual membership fees and participate in decision making and intellectual property as outlined below. The Members' fees attract matching funds from Government agencies. Annual memberships, therefore, provide a highly levered access to about one million dollars of research activity.

Membership commitments are for five years, with provision for withdrawal on six months’ notice. The membership agreement and intellectual property policy outline rights in, and measures to protect the value of, developments made by the Centre.

Summary of Membership Right

  • Early access to research results.
  • Pre-publication copies of papers.
  • Semi-annual reviews.
  • Access to short courses.
  • Non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty –free licences for in-house use of IP developed by the Centre’s research.
  • Exclusive, transferable, royalty-bearing licence for IP developed by research contracts with the Centre.
  • Research contracts use discounted OH rate (30%)
  • Entitled to transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-bearing licences permitting commercial exploitation of IP to third parties
  • Participates in Program Review Groups
  • Board membership