Corrosion Studies


W. W. Smeltzer Corrosion Laboratory – John Hodgins Engineering Building (JHE) Room: A202

  • EG & G Princeton Applied Research corrosion measurement systems with control & data collection software for:
    • Potentiodynamic polarization
    • Tafel plots
    • Polarization resistance measurement
    • Cyclic polarization
    • Potentiokinetic reactivation
    • Galvanic corrosion
  • Pine & Hokuto Denko electrode rotators with bi-potentiostat, ring-disk and cylindrical electrodes for electrochemical studies involving hydrodynamic and velocity effects.
  • Temperature controlled Greene cells.
  • Rohrback Cosasco lab portable Corrators for instantaneous corrosion rate and pitting tendency determinations.
  • Various potentiostats and D.C. power supplies with multiplexing capability(both high current & voltage).
  • Micro-electrodes with computer controlled micro manipulator and potentiostat for in-situ study of solution properties within pits and crevices.