Steel Development and Application

Joe McDemid, NSERC/ U.S. Steel Canada/Xstrata chair, Hatem Zurob, Nik Provatas, David Embury,
Gary Purdy, Mani Subramanian and Joe Kish.



McMaster’s strengths in mechanical metallurgy and electron microscopy are being clearly focused on steel development with the creation of the NSERC/U. S. Steel Canada/Xstrata Chair, in the Mechanical Engineering Department. This research is interdisciplinary, involving the Manufacturing Research Institute at McMaster, as new fabricating techniques impose new demands on steel. The emphasis in on galvanizing of high strength steels for automotive applications.

Current Projects:

  • Galvannealing of Dual Phase Steels
  • Galvannealing of TRIP Steels
  • Galvanizing of TRIP Steels
  • Solidification of Zinc Coating
  • Inhibition Layer Formation on Mn Containing Steels
  • Solidification Control of Thin Slab Cast Microalloyed Steels.
  • Hot Rolling of Microalloyed Spring Steel Bar.

Coating Technology